Visiting the Priory

St Dominic’s Priory is open all year round (except for Christmas and the New Year). we have seven guest rooms, single, double and en-suite. We welcome all who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Priory in its Read More


What is a Vocation? A vocation to the religious life is gift from God the Father to the individual. It is also a beneficial gift to the Church. It is the total consecration of self for the love and service Read More


As is evident from our Horarium the recitation of the Divine Office (the daily Prayer of the Church) structures our day around Liturgical prayer. It is through this life of daily prayer that we are spiritually united with all others Read More


Teaching truths of the Faith In keeping with our Dominican vocation we endeavour to pass on to others the fruits of our contemplation. This we do through the teaching and proclamation of Christian Doctrine. In response to the needs of Read More


The motto of the Order is ‘Veritas’ – Truth. This was chosen because from its very inception, the Dominican Order has preached and taught the truths of God and of the Church. Our aim is to correct error and to Read More

Community Life

Saint Dominic always intended that his brethren should live in community. Today, as Sisters with an active apostolate, we perpetuate this tradition by maintaining a fervent life in common. We pray together, eat together, have community recreation and whenever possible Read More