The motto of the Order is ‘Veritas’ – Truth. This was chosen because from its very inception, the Dominican Order has preached and taught the truths of God and of the Church. Our aim is to correct error and to foster in all, the love of Jesus Christ who is The Truth.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican of the 13th century used the expression ‘to contemplate and share the fruits of contemplation’. This describes the heart of our life very well. Like Mary we sit in silent prayer and study at the feet of Jesus. Like Martha in the apostolate, we go out and share the spiritual fruits with which we have been blessed.

Our life is one of contemplation and action, of silence and proclamation.

We rejoice that ‘God became man’ in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We acknowledge the uniqueness of all God’s children and seek to proclaim Christ in all situations. The spontaneity and joy that characterize our Dominican life are thus rooted in the Incarnation.